Negotiations between the European Commission and the Hungarian government concerning the New Hungary Development Plan have been closed. As a result of anticipated changes, an even higher rate of funding will be made available for reaching employment and economic growth objectives, whilst a slightly lower rate of funding in relation to original plans will be allocated for transport development.

Employment and growth - 2007-2013

Hungary will receive a rate of 22.4 billion Euros funding from 2007 through to 2013 in order to close the development gap of the country and approach the level of development of developed countries. EU taxpayers have contributed this funding, which, together with rural development funding is equivalent to approximately 8000 billion HUF. We will be able to reinforce our current potentials, and eliminate barriers and drawbacks that constrain our development by successfully using this enormous amount of money.

Never before witnessed economic growth may be experienced within a few years, if we manage to find our own breakout points by taking account of competition. The outstanding performance of the most talented individuals is a precondition for our common well-being. The number of employed individuals will increase by supporting social renewal, which in turn engenders significant decrease in poverty.

The most relevant objective of the New Hungary Development Plan relates to raising the level of employment and establishing conditions underpinning permanent growth. Therefore, coordinated state and EU development will be launched in 6 priority areas, namely: the economy, transport, initiatives targeting social renewal, environmental protection and energy, regional development and tasks relating to state reform.