Reports in connection to the New Hungary Development Plan can be found on this page.

reporting 2009 (according to Council Regulation (EC)

According to Article 29(2) and (3) of Council
Regulation (EC) 1083/2006 (General Regulation) all member states of the European
Union - including Hungary - had to provide a strategic report before the end of
2009 containing information on the contribution of the programmes co-financed by
the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund and the
Cohesion Fund:

- towards implementing the objectives of cohesion

- towards implementing the priorities detailed in the
Community Strategic Guidelines on cohesion

- towards achieving the objective of promoting
competitiveness and job creation and working towards meeting the objectives of
the Integrated Guidelines for Growth and Jobs

Furtehrmore the report contains information on the
general socio-economic situation and trends, on the past and future results of
NHDP, on achievements and challenges in relation to implementation of the agreed
strategy and examples of good practice.

The report was compiled by the Coordination Managing
Authority of the National Development Agency with the fundamental contribution
of several ministries and managing authorities. The report was presented to the
Comission on 31.12.2009.