What is RDOP?

The Regional Development Operational Programme (RDOP) is one of the sectoral operational programmes of National Development Plan I. In addition to ECOP promoting economic activity, EPIOP supporting investment in environmental protection, ARDOP operating in the area of agriculture and HRDOP targeting training and the development of the labour force, RDOP targets regional development and supports the spatial structural transformation of Hungary adjusting to the regional policy of the European Union
Financial assistance made available to Hungary for territorial development from 2004 makes up the RDOP funding. In order to be able to receive funding, Hungary was required to compile so-called programming documents prior to the country’s accession to the European Union, which is when the programming documents of RDOP were drafted as well.
RDOP provides funding within the framework of 9 measures (application window) within the three areas of intervention (tourism, infrastructure and human resources) for implementing projects targeting regional development.