In accordance with the provisions of Articles 25-26 of the General Regulation, simplified programming documents, namely the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF), will replace the National Development Plan and the Community Support Framework. However, as opposed to current regulations, the NSRF will not be used as a management tool similar to CSF, and every member state is required to compile this document regardless of the rate of assistance they are granted. Its objective is to ensure that use made of the Funds complies with CSG and national reform programmes. Therefore, NSRF must present a concise strategic description, as well as references preparing programming. This document also includes provisions concerning the coordination of cohesion policy implementation.

The member state approves the NSRF; the document must be sent to the Commission within a period of 3 months following CSG approval (within a period of 6 months following the approval of the general regulation). The Commission and the member state must reach an agreement on the NSRF. OPs may be submitted to the Commission concurrently to the NSRF.  

(Moreover, the Commission makes a decision on the list of OPs either concurrently or prior to the approval of the OPs, as well as the indicative allocation of contributions and compliance with the additionality rule in the case of the Convergence Objective.