The report on Hungary’s Revised National Lisbon Action Programme presenting the implementation of the Lisbon Strategy in Hungary and compiled by taking account of the European Commission country report and its recommendations was submitted to the European Commission on 15 October 2007.

The restoration of macroeconomic balance, a precondition for economic growth and raising employment levels, was stipulated as the primary goal of the Revised National Action Programme. Considerable progress has been made towards this goal in the last year, since the measures presented in the Action Programme contributed to setting the country on the deficit reduction path mapped out in the Convergence Programme.

The consistent implementation of macro- and microeconomic reform measures and reforms adopted in the area of employment, as well as the measures defined within the scope of the New Hungary Development Plan jointly contributed to the successful implementation of the Convergence Programme and consequently to raising employment levels and engendering economic growth in the long run.

The government held a series of public consultations with the National Reconciliation Council and 150 partners representing various sectors. The Parliamentary parties debated the Implementation Report within the frame of the European Affairs Committee of Parliament, following which the document to be submitted to the European Commission was approved at the cabinet meeting held on 10 October 2007.