How does HRDOP help job seekers?

We will endeavour to present HRDOP in the following, as well as opportunities offered within the framework of the programme and how HRDOP can help you.
What is HRDOP?

Following accession to the European Union, Hungary became eligible to use the types of assistance made available by the Community for member states. The European Social Fund is an example for this type of assistance, one the key objectives of which aims to decrease the level of unemployment in member states.

Through joint EU and state financing, HRDOP (Human Resource Development Operational Programme) targets the development of the labour force and increasing the level of employment. From amongst the 5 operational programmes of the National Development Plan for the 2004-2006-period (key target), the rate of unemployment is reduced through HRDOP applications and central investments with the highest budgets.

Strategic objectives of the Human Resource Development Operational Programme:

Increasing the level of employment;
Improving labour competitiveness by ensuring qualifications adjusted to labour market needs;
Facilitating social integration;
How is HRDOP implemented?

The programme is implemented through applications and central programmes. Instead of individuals, calls for applications are open to organisations (mainly local governments, non-profit organisations, healthcare and social institutions, public and higher education institutions, enterprises, etc., depending on the application) submitting projects adjusted to the above-specified objectives. Depending on the type of application, projects provide help for disadvantaged individuals, as well as individuals encountering difficulties in finding jobs. Within the framework of central projects, HRDOP finances major institutional or structural transformations and developments that also target reducing the rate of unemployment.

How can you become involved in HRDOP?

Programmes implemented within the framework of HRDOP help job seekers find employment in a number of ways. A series of measures, ranging from the development of healthcare institutions through to the renovation of schools, or supporting employee training at companies through to the modernisation of the State Employment Service (Employment Centres and the local offices of these), targets the development of the labour force (or future labour force) and the re-integration of disadvantaged individuals in the labour market.

HRDOP programmes targeting the support of entry into, or re-integration in the labour market and increasing the level of employability:

Helping and training unemployed individuals

It is possible to improve the level of employment, if job seekers acquire qualifications tailored to employee needs, if there is potential for acquiring practical experience, if conditions are ensured that also enable persons with disabilities and single parents to find employment, i.e. a flexible labour market is created.

The programme „Preventing and tackling unemployment” wishes to achieve entry into, or re-integration in the labour market by providing new services and types of assistance. Employment Centres are responsible for implementing the programme, which focuses on improving the employment potentials of a total of 25 000 registered unemployed individuals, as well as individuals excluded from the labour market during a 3-year period (1 September 2004 – 31 December 2006).

„Take one step forward” programme

The free adult training programme „Take one step forward” set up through joint EU and state funding and running from January 2006 through to the end of 2007 offers the opportunity for over 11 000 adults to gain general knowledge required for acquiring vocational qualifications.

The objective of HRDOP programme 3.5.3 „Take one step forward” is to launch trainings aiming to raise the level of training and qualifications of the Hungarian adult population, within the framework of which participants acquire higher-level qualifications.

The programmes of HRDOP applicants

The programmes listed below are implemented through HRDOP calls for applications, within which framework mainly non-profit organisations are eligible to submit projects targeting the support of disadvantaged target-groups. HRDOP „application projects” target - on the basis of specific objectives – the provision of support for high-risk social groups excluded from the labour market encountering serious difficulties in re-integrating into the labour market.