With the participation of the European Commission the National Development Agency (its Coordination Managing Authority in cooperation with the Human Resources Programmes Managing Authority) held a workshop with the aim of presenting the most important findings and recommendations of evaluations in the field of social developments. At the event the representatives of the ministry responsible for the planning of the 2014-20 OP presented their plans related to social developments.

The evaluator companies, Hétfa Research Institute, Revita Foundation and Budapest Institute shared their findings and recommendations with workshop participants in the following topics related to social developments:

•         Tackling youth unemployment
•         Evaluation of measures aimed at improving employability
•      Impact assessment of measures aimed at improving employability
•         Evaluation of investments in public education 
•         Evaluation of the developments of services and infrastructure of cultural institutions supporting education 
•         Evaluation of development in higher education 
•         Persons with disabilities/people with reduced ability to work/impaired persons in development policy and evaluations 
•         Evaluation of health care developments
•      Evaluation of measures aimed at promoting social inclusion

A further related evaluation was also presented by the representative of the evaluator company Terra Studio in the following topic:

•         Analysis of public transport as a public service for mobility

The representatives of the European Commission presented their views on the role of evaluations in planning the OP 2014-20, the implementation of current developments and the EU’s requirements related to indicators for the next programming period.