With the participation of the European Commission DG Regio, the National Development Agency (its Coordination Managing Authority in cooperation with the Transport Development  Managing Authority) held a workshop with the aim of presenting the most important findings and recommendations of evaluations in the field of transport developments. At the event the representatives of the ministry responsible for the planning of the 2014-20 OP presented their plans related to economic development.

The evaluator company, Terra Studio Kft. shared their knowledge and recommendations with workshop participants as regards the following evaluations:

•         The midterm evaluation of bicycle transport developments of 2007-2013
•         Evaluation of public transport services on the basis of timetable and passenger services data
•         Evaluation of urban and suburban public transport measures in the period of 2004-2013

The representative of the European Commission DG Regio presented the European Union’s plans for transport developments in the programming period 2014-20.