With the participation of the European Commission DG Regio, the National Development Agency (its Coordination Managing Authority in cooperation with the Regional Development Programmes Managing Authority) held a workshop with the aim of presenting the most important findings and recommendations of evaluations in the field of territorial developments. At the event the representatives of the ministries responsible for the planning of the 2014-20 OPs (TOP and CoCOP) presented their plans related to territorial development.

The evaluator companies, Pannon.Elemző Ltd. and Hétfa Kutatóintézet shared their knowledge and recommendations with workshop participants in the following areas:

•         City networks – an impact assessment
•         Regional cohesion dimensions of tourism development
•         Regional coordination capacities
•         The effects of EU funding on territorial cohesion
•         The role of funds in dynamising the deprived regions

The representative of the European Commission DG Regio presented the European Union’s plans for territorial developments in the programming period 2014-20.