Having carried out the comprehensive evaluation of machinery and equipment procurement calls, KPMG Consulting Ltd. compiled ex-post evaluation reports in connection with the following projects:
  • OTKA (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund programmes 2001, 2002, 2003);
  • KMÜFA (Central Technological Development Fund 1999-2003);
  • ECOP projects (Economic Competitiveness Operational Programme 2004 – 3.2.1, 2005-05 3.3.2).

Having applied suitable and mature methodology, the evaluation report provides an in-depth understanding of the general experiences of machinery and equipment procurement programmes, its institutional system and practices established. It presents a vast number of conclusions drawn in connection with the procurement of equipment, as well as installations in a broader sense, and puts forth a series of useful recommendations that players taking part in similar types of calls will hopefully take account of and use in the future.