With the participation of the European Commission DG Regio, the National Development Agency (its Coordination Managing Authority in cooperation with the Environmental Development Programmes Managing Authority) held a workshop with the aim of presenting the most important findings and recommendations of evaluations in the fields of environment, energy and climate. At the event the representatives of the ministries responsible for the planning of the 2014-20 OP presented their plans related to environmental developments.

The evaluator companies, ÖKO Zrt., Corvinus University, TNS Hoffmann and Hydea Ltd.  shared their knowledge and recommendations with workshop participants in the following topics related to environment, energy and climate:

•         The impact of environmentally significant investments on meeting EU environmental  obligations and Hungarian environmental objectives
•         Drinking water and urban waste water treatment development
•         The impact of support intensity on the efficiency and profitability of EEOP energy projects
•         The impact of project maintenance costs on state and municipal budgets
•         Results of the Sustainable Urban Development study
•         The efficiency and effectiveness of EEOP environmental awareness raising projects

Further related evaluations of the following topics were also presented by evaluator companies Hétfa Research Institute and Terra Studio:

•         Cycle-friendly settlements
•         Awareness raising in cycling development
•         Awareness raising in health development

The representative of the European Commission DG Regio presented the European Union’s plans for environmental developments in the programming period 2014-20.